Spirit of the north FAQ

Q: Will the game be released on platforms other than PS4?

A: Spirit of the North will be launching on PS4 first then coming to PC, Xbox and Switch in the future.

Q: What is the release date for PS4?

A: We will be announcing this soon so stay tuned.

Q: Can I pre-order the game?

A: We hope to offer pre-orders on the Playstation Store, we will most likely announce this with our release date.

Q: Will there be a physical release of Spirit of the North?

A: At launch the game will only be available on the Playstation Store, but possibly in the future.

Q: What regions will Spirit of the North be releasing for?

A: We will be releasing in North America and Europe to start with.

Q: About how long is Spirit of the North?

A: About 8 hours.

Q: Is Spirit of the North an open world game?

A: Spirit of the North is a linear story game.

Q: Do we need playtesters?

A: We had some friends and family do playtesting for us so we didn't risk anything about the game being leaked.

Q: When did development of Spirit of the North first begin?

A: Development started in June 2017.